Real Live Action

Dub Narcotic Sound System, Evaporators, Operation Makeout Thee Goblins


UBC Sub Party Room; January 4, 2002

Review By Robert Robot

Friday, January 4
UBC Sub Party Room

Nardwuar, I met the man in the bathroom. But that’s another story. Pop and fanzines were served up with glee in the Party Room but wanting beer, I got to discover the Pit Pub for the first time; also another story. Thee Goblins took the stage first setting the Nardwuar tone for the evening complete with ska riffs, cornball costumes, and sweat. Nice start. If you’re reading for Operation Makeout I’m afraid beer intervened. I guess they were good emo if you’re into that. More Nardwuar and the Evaporators followed. Inside the room and out Nardwuar was the puppet master weaving his endearing tales and being the spectacle that he is. The kids liked the audience participation especially since most of the audience was too cool or self-conscious to move their inert booties themselves.

The big guns from Olympia didn’t need Nardwuar to make being in the rec room tolerable. Oh, Calvin J. how I wanted to see the real man ever since your days in Beat Happening and the low-fi scene’s love and hate relationship with you. Chris Sutton’s bass was rich and bubbling, providing the funk for Calvin’s spastic energy. Dub don’t do anything new musically, rather it’s seeing kid-like adults being honest with the crowd about politics and egos (mostly Calvin’s) that made them compelling. An odd venue with great bands; thanks be to the serviette.

RoBeRt RoBoT