By Jordie Yow

The ANZA Celebrates 75 Years

Congratulations to the Australia-New Zealand Association club on existing for 75 years! The down under club located at 3 West 8th Avenue has been serving beer since 1935. To put that in perspective that is approximately as long as canned beer has existed, which was invented the same year. Over their 75 years the ANZA Club has evolved from a place for expats from the southern hemisphere to drink, to a hub of independent culture. It is the home of Psych night, the Celluloid Social Club, numerous concerts and a place where you can buy Vegemite from a vending machine. Hope they have another 75 years in them!

Malice Liveit Quits the Rickshaw

In a note to members of the Rickshaw Theatre Facebook group, Malice Liveit, longtime promoter and organizer, announced that he would no longer be working with the Rickshaw or promoting shows.

“I will be taking a break from promotion for a while and I will no longer be doing shows or be associated with the Rickshaw at all,” he wrote on April 22 after giving props to many venues in town that will be having shows the upcoming weekend. Though he did not explicitly mention the death of You Say Party! We Say Die!’s drummer Devon Clifford, he did mention that the April 16 show where the drummer collapsed was his last show.

Liveit was a powerhouse in Vancouver’s music community who previously ran the Sweatshop. His announcement acknowledged all the artists and musicians in Vancouver, who he had utmost respect for. “We have some amazing musicians and artists that put themselves out there,” wrote Liveit. “They stand up and follow their passions no matter what the cost.”

The Rickshaw will presumably continue to be run by Liveit’s partner Dave Duprey.