Free Karaoke Music Video Maker at Unit/Pitt!

Discorder has written about the healing qualities of karaoke before (see Alex de Boer’s article on ThreeFortyoke for April 2016), and it’s a well-known fact that making videos is a lot of fun (remember back to when you were 10 years old playing with your family’s video camera), so why has it taken so long for karaoke and home video to come together?

Local artist Casey Wei (agonyklub, hazy, Late Spring) is hosting a karaoke video booth at Unit/Pitt Projects every Friday + Saturday in April as part of an interactive residency. It is free and open to the public (no experience necessary).

Where did this idea come from?

“This project came out of Kingsgate Mall Happenings and Chinatown Happenings for Toronto’s 28th annual Images Festival,” explains Casey, having been an artist-in-residence and coordinator of the happenings in 2015. “At these happenings, everyone was always the most excited and responsive to the Karaoke Days.”

On the nature of karaoke, Casey continues, “There’s something very satisfyingly democratic about a karaoke song, to see it, to perform it… it’s like you’re free from the shackles of the professionalism that is the music industry.”

Whereas karaoke is more common in bars or private booths, having the Karaoke Music Video Maker in Unit/Pitt is a natural fit.

“It made so much sense — turn an art gallery into a store, a free service,” explains Casey. “I guess I’m always looking for ways to integrate the visual art part of my life with the music part, and this project, this process, is the closest I’ve come thus far.”

In addition to music videos, Casey is also creating videos for local musicians who may not have the time or funds to film their own music videos. (…just in time to submit to Symphony of Fire music video festival April 28!)

For more information about the Karaoke Music Video Maker Free Store and to learn how to book your time slot, visit the Facebook page.