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Any questions? Email Jamie at outreachcoordinator@citr.ca

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How to make radio
from home

Media ethics training



How to make radio from home

One of the biggest changes to making radio in COVID has been where you make itWe can’t use our beautiful, high tech, and sleek studios so we’ve had to adapt to making radio from the comfort of your own home. This training goes over the basic steps of making radio, covering everything from software, to recording, to exporting.

✶ Completing this training is required to make any aired content ✶
This includes public service announcements, ads, and a radio show

Step 1 ~ Get all the software and equipment you need
Step 2 ~ Prepare for your show
Step 3 ~ Getting the audio
Step 4 ~ Editing in Audacity
Step 5 ~ Export and you’re finito

Trainings are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3pm
Email Jamie at outreachcoordinator@citr.ca if that time doesn’t work

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Media ethics training
(~ inactive for the summer ~)

Learning objective

Understanding that good journalism requires an ethical framework and an awareness of one’s own situated knowledge.

All of the content made at CiTR & Discorderincluding on air, in print, and onlineis made by volunteers! And we want to make sure that all our contributors are able to be as responsible and respectful as possible.

✶ Completing this training is optional but recommended to get a radio show ✶

Part 1 ~ Learning objective
Part 2 ~ Examples from media
Part 3 ~ Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics
Part 4 ~ Ethical framework
Part 5 ~ Objectivity myth
Part 6 ~ Media ethics scenarios

Email Hina at spokenword@citr.ca to schedule a training


The first two trainings will get you set up, but there’s always ways to improve, grow, and expand your skills! We host workshops throughout the year to go over extra tips and tricks, including…

…Interviewing 101
…Advanced audio editing
…Narrative storytelling with sound
…How to use Adobe Illustrator
…Writing an album review

Keep an eye on your email for when they come up!