Story Story Lie

As the host of Story Story Lie, Jo Dworschak has created an interactive storytelling game show and radio show that reflects her love of storytelling…


Adèle Barclay

Words In The Dark

“I think poetry can hold those weird paradoxical strings, things that don’t fit the normative scripts.”



Nudges, Nods, Notes

“It’s a really critical time in Canadian history, where the offer of reconciliation is in front of us, and we need to do the hard work of taking it.”

Under Review

AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy

On a warm day, lying in the grass, with the sunlight filtering down and tinged green through tree branches overhead, I first listened to AJ…


Textually Active

Tucked away in a corner amid the hustle and bustle of Continental Coffee, two of Vancouver’s most successful spoken word poets joke about what type…