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This is a bittersweet announcement that Discorder‘s Under Review Editor, Max Anderson-Baier, is stepping back from editing to focus on his own writing — bitter…

Real Live Action

U.S. Girls

Meg Remy’s long-running U.S. Girls project is far away from its noisy lo-fi pop beginnings, but anyone interested in getting their ears blown out got…

Real Live Action


Some shows are best served with spilled beers, tacky floors and a neighbour’s moshing ponytail whipping sweat into your eyes. Sometimes you want to settle…



“The great thing about CiTR is that you have a lot of room to play around with to create a show that relates to your interests and what you want to share, but there’s also a great team and community behind it that is there to support and help you get there.”

Real Live Action

An Evening in Space

I sat back in the darkness, watching the night sky slowly rotate above me. With every other seat in the Planetarium at the H.R. MacMillan…

Real Live Action

Women’s Day Show

Bussing in the wrong direction for 20 minutes meant that I arrived at The Avant-Garden’s International Women’s Day show halfway through the first set of…

Real Live Action

Strong Women, Strong Music

When my friend and I arrived at the first night of Strong Women, Strong Music just before start time, Frankie’s Jazz Club was so packed…