Real Live Action

The xx

“It’s been awhile, Vancouver,” Oliver Sims of The xx told the crowd. Their opener, Sampha, had just left the stage some twenty minutes before, after…


Prairie Cat Is Cary Pratt

“I would still be making the same record, working in those parameters,” testifies Cary Pratt, speaking to the shift his upcoming Prairie Cat album represents. As we converse, the café speakers blare doo-wop and soul music — the essential canon of pop music.

Real Live Action

Hong Kong Exile: Room 2048

“Room 2048 (2048號房) — a dream machine for the Cantonese diaspora. In digital light and smoke, we pursue a history that is not ours. A…


Deranged Records

If you’re at all interested in hardcore punk, maybe Deranged Records should ring a bell? If it doesn’t, here are a few artists that have…


Deep Blue

Into The Deep

“Deep Blue did not generate the community, but contributes to it by being a place it can move through.”


Sammy Chien

A Chimerik Interview

“I’m interested in obscurity, ambiguity.”


Vancouver Mural Fest

Cooling Down The Hot Seat

“Murals have the potential to bring awareness to things that need more of it, and that’s where we see the power of the artform, and we hope to work with people in the community to help do that.”

Real Live Action

So Loki (Seasons Festival)

If you haven’t been to a So Loki show, you are missing out. Sam Lucia and Natura have a flair for the theatrical that would…

Real Live Action

The Velveteins

Tanglers instantly transported me from the Cobalt to a bluesy, folky beach concert, with people dancing playfully around a bonfire, the tall flame flicking its…