Ian William Craig

On The Brink

“I’ve always felt like you should be able to walk into your favourite music, like it’s a place in which you can exist.”

Real Live Action

Princess Nokia

The show began with Horsepowar and Homeboy Jules on stage. Although I hadn’t heard of them before, I instantly knew they were going to bring…


Kye Plant

Creating Catharsis

“It’s a way of expressing myself and touching on that energy inside of me that’s really overwhelming.”


Strange Fascination

For me, what makes change so unsettling is not having to adapt to the new or mourn for what’s gone, but the way time itself…


Discorder TV Episode Three

Discorder Magazine and CiTR is proud to present Episode Three of DTV, featuring an interview with Whitney K, and an original video work by Ryder…

Under Review

Cult Babies

Listening to Cult Babies feels a little bit like actually being asked to join a cult. On their new album, aptly named Off to See…

Under Review

Almonds, Cohen

Space is fundamental. As a student living far from home, this is something I realize more and more. Location — which defines who and what…