Rocket from Russia Episode March 29, 2016

Episode #172, Guest DJ Rayon Dyck (Hockey Dad Records, B-Lines, Fun 100)

10:33am - 11:38am

Hello Hello Hello!

That was one the most fun100 shows I?ve done. I had an instudio super guest Ryan Dyck of Hockey Dad Records, B-Lines and Fun 100. A few weeks ago Ryan DJ?ed at White Lung show and his set was so brilliant that I asked him to do it again on Rocket From Russia.

Ryan brought a box full of 7?? records and played two wonderful blocks of magnificent musics. In the first block he played some of his favourite powerpop/pop punk hits and in the seconds block he played songs from some of Hockey Dad Records releases. And Ryan is very funny too!

In the end of the show I did a ticket give away to Victims, Chapel, Last Kaste @ Astoria.

B-LINES - Social Reatard [B-Lines 7??]
PUNCTURE - Mucky Pup [Mucky Pup 7??]
SUBS - Gimme Your Heart [Gimme Your Heart 7??]
THE DB?S - Black And White [Black And White 7??]
FASTBACKS - In The Summer [In The Summer 7??]
C.C.T.V. - Paranoia [C.C.T.V. 7??]
BE ON TOP - Symptoms [Be On Top 7??]
THE BOYS - Weekend [Weekend 7??]
BUM - Debbiespeak [Debbiespeak 7??]
FUN 100 - Pull The Goalie [7 inch]
DEFEKTORS - Torn To Pieces [Torn To Pieces / No To The Nite 7??]
FUCK ME DEAD - Mechanize Me [Mechanize Me 7??]
WOOLWORM - Useless [Everything Seems Obvious 7??]
VICTIMS - Insane [In Blood]
CHAPEL - Nocturnal Blasphemy [Satan?s Rock ?N? Roll]
LAST KASTE - Police State [Demo 2016]
FUN 100 - Ghetto Mall [Goodbye EP]

Track Listing:

Social Reatard
B-Lines · B-Lines
Mucky Pup
Puncture · Mucky Pup 7''
Gimme Your Heart
Subs · Gimme Your Heart 7''
Black And White
The dB'S · Black And White 7''
In The Summer
Fastbacks · In The Summer 7''
C.C.T.V. · C.C.T.V. 7''
Be On Top · Be On Top 7''
The Boys · Weekend 7''
The Smirks · OK - UK 7''
Bum · Debbiespeak 7''
Pull The Goalie
Fun100 · 7 inch
Torn To Pieces
Defektors · Torn To Pieces / No To The Nite 7''
Mechanize Me
Fuck Me Dead · Mechanize Me 7''
Woolworm · Everything Seems Obvious
Victims · In Blood
Nocturnal Blasphemy
Chapel · Satan's Rock 'N' Roll
Police State
Last Kaste · Demo 2016
Ghetto Mall
Fun100 · Goodbye EP