Real Live Action

Sheer Mag

BB put on an electric show. Their matching leopard print unitards were as coordinated as the stage antics sprinkled throughout their set. Bella, BB’s singer…

Real Live Action

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th at the Rickshaw Theatre: Four local punk bands backdropped by compilations of kills from the 1980 film, Friday the 13th, featuring none…



“I’m really tired of seeing four dudes on stage who look like people I would be at work with at the construction site. I want to see some flash and some excitement — something I haven’t seen in awhile, or something new.”


Strange Fascination

For me, what makes change so unsettling is not having to adapt to the new or mourn for what’s gone, but the way time itself…


It’s a Birthday Cake Fight!

Join CiTR and Discorder at The Woods Studio on July 8th at 8 pm for music and a birthday cake fight! We’re celebrating July babies….