Kevin ‘Sipreano’ Howes

“I don’t think that everything from the past is worthy of reappraisal. In fact, I think a lot of things are best left to the past.”


Hits and Misses

“The medium for punk has always been vinyl. So it has never gone away, in my mind.”


Kim Gray

“I wanted to write these lovey, poppy songs, and I knew they needed their own entity.”

Real Live Action


Horses: freedom, liberation, unbridled power. Records: best enjoyed in the presence of others. Celebrating their first day in business, feelings of liberation and communion filled…


Evolution Of Record Store Day

The lineup of denim-clad dudes, hip, stroller-pushing parents, and dreadlocked twenty-somethings clog the sidewalk, the mismatched crowd eagerly anticipating something. Judging by the varied demographics,…


Mysteria March 21st at Vinyl Retro Lounge

Join DJs Sparklebat, Caligari and Avaris for a night of post-punk, darkwave, EBM and synthpop. Dress code:  Gothic, industrial, deathrock, cyber/synthare, victorian, fantasy-inspired, formalwear, pvc, latex, leather,…