Spill: Radio

Spill is an exhibition of installations, live research, performance and radio programming at the Belkin Art Gallery on UBC campus from September 3rd – December 1st…


Campus Beat: Free Speech Club

On October 31, 2018 The Free Speech Club (FSC) hosted right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro — best known for his “facts don’t care about your feelings”…


UBC Theatre: Wives and Daughters this November!

Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s 1860’s serial novel and adapted by UBC Theatre and Film Professor Jacqueline Firkins, Wives and Daughters tells the story of seventeen year old Molly, the daughter of…


Thrive Week Podcast Series

A group of UBC students have created a podcast series aimed at promoting the unique experiences of students across our campus. Mental health needs to…


Ian William Craig

“I’ve always felt like you should be able to walk into your favourite music, like it’s a place in which you can exist.”


White Noise

This February marked two years on air at CiTR for White Noise, the weekly comedy show written and produced by Simon Welton. Hosted by the…