Verboden Festival

April is a lucky month for Vancouver; it will contain the first annual instalment of Verboden, a two day post punk, EBM, and dark wave…

Real Live Action

Majical Cloudz

Majical Cloudz’s show, bumped up from the Cobalt to a sold-out Imperial, captivated. In tow with close-knits Booker T on Acid and She-Devils, the three…


War Baby

“[Survival] is a dog at a rescue shelter, and desperation is a dog at the show. It’s gross. This, the album, is so much more important.”


Whitney K

Koko no more, now it’s Whitney K. I sit down with Konner Whitney, formerly known by his alternative pop ego Koko, at Reno’s restaurant near…



“With Ramzi I feel like I can get lost. It’s a world I keep expanding.”


Sur Une Plage

“It’s called the balloon factory because the landlord says that’s what it was before, but no one believes him. No one believes him for a second that there was actually a balloon factory in a sketchy basement in east Vancouver.”