Poplife | Film Review

“Come on, boy. We’re taking you home.” Said as a drunken joke, this opening line holds a much more sober meaning in Sam Mohseni’s short…

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Casual Luxury

Casual Luxury’s self-titled EP might be labeled as an “EP.” But its content is just as rich and fully realized as any great rock album…

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Secret Pyramid

Secret Pyramid has a minimalist approach to ambient music. Their minimalism is also progressive. The music sounds like a narrative that can be different based…

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Holy Fuck

Toronto’s Holy Fuck have been away for six years since the release of Latin. Their comeback album Congrats is a fine blend of their wild…

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Plants and Animals

Montreal trio, Plants and Animals excel in crafting songs that are complex yet never overproduced or overwhelming, and mellow songs that are dreamy yet never boring….

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Nicholas Krgovich

Vancouver-born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas Krgovich, is a master of creating memorable songs. On Krgovich’s new album, The Hills, he delves into the orchestral pop…