Simon Grefiel

When I first met Simon Grefiel — in queue for coffee — I was excited to talk to someone I didn’t know. For the most…



The first time I read still I was sitting at a table in the middle of a busy mall. Surrounded by the sounds that people…


Normie Corp

The raddest, hottest, most sincere fosterers of virtual “safe spaces” you ever did see, Normie Corporation’s Haina, Pao and Vinson are equal parts aesthetic wet…


Tin Lorica

Tin Lorica’s debut chapbook, soft armour, makes you want to crawl into bed with your twenty-something memories and stay a while. As Tin’s literary debut,…


Art Project: John Pachkowsky

“I have an awful habit of quickly drawing ideas on loose paper and letting them drift all over my desk, so I began by collecting that unruly mass, flipping back through my other sketchbooks and finding the best ideas I thought would be fun to draw and hadn’t gotten a chance to realise yet.”

Under Review


First thing’s first: Go to Anchoress’ bandcamp and download this album. It’s free, for one thing. What else do you need to know? Well, I’ll…

Real Live Action

Animal Colony vol. 1: Guitar

A haven for burgeoning local experimental artists of all media — whether it’s visual, auditory or any other— the James Black Gallery introduced their first…