Tin Lorica

and how to wear a soft armour

Tin Lorica’s debut chapbook, soft armour, makes you want to crawl into bed with your twenty-something memories and stay a while. As Tin’s literary debut,…


Art Project: John Pachkowsky

“I have an awful habit of quickly drawing ideas on loose paper and letting them drift all over my desk, so I began by collecting that unruly mass, flipping back through my other sketchbooks and finding the best ideas I thought would be fun to draw and hadn’t gotten a chance to realise yet.”

Under Review


First thing’s first: Go to Anchoress’ bandcamp and download this album. It’s free, for one thing. What else do you need to know? Well, I’ll…

Real Live Action

Animal Colony vol. 1: Guitar

A haven for burgeoning local experimental artists of all media — whether it’s visual, auditory or any other— the James Black Gallery introduced their first…