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Pop Alliance Appreciation Party

The Pop Alliance Appreciation Party wasn’t the first Friday night I found myself at Red Gate — but it was certainly among the most memorable….

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Glam Fest 2018

I must have walked past it five times before I noticed the cracked-open door and blackened noise leaking out onto the daytime pavement. Pupils shooting…

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The event description on this show’s Facebook page wasn’t kidding when it specified the start time as “9PM sharp.” When I arrived at 10-minutes past…




“Just because we’re underground and experimental doesn’t mean we don’t need to be seen by the status quo.”

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Millennial Line Comedy & Poetry

In the violet shadows of the Red Gate Arts Society, a crowd formed under the shine of a single disco ball. Though everyone was enjoying…

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Tim the Mute

When I walked into Red Gate for Tim The Mute’s album release show, I found myself entering into the dreamy atmosphere that Babe Corner had…

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Music Waste 2018 pt. 2

After the tightly packed and singularly located opened night, Music Waste 2018 spread out with 18 separate showcases over the following three days. Bands overlapped…