DOXA 2018

A Deeper Understanding

“The nature of documentary is telling stories that aren’t told. The mainstream media does a good enough job of giving out certain ideas, and these films are meant to deepen conversations.”


Geoff Dembicki

Are We Screwed? And Other Questions Of Doomsday

“I don’t have much interest in convincing people who deny climate science, or the urgency of action. I’m preaching to the choir, and trying to get them riled up, organized and ready to tear shit down.”



Vancouver Queer History Unscripted, Uncensored And Archived Forever

“One of the most intriguing things about Gayblevision is how it provides such a unique insider perspective on the LGBTQIA+ culture as it simultaneously grew and combatted adversity.”


Lost River Artist

Interrupting Systems

“I think that my role as an artist is to understand where the art exists, even in bureaucratic processes.”