Galen Allan is a DJ with a focus on electronic music. He has a new show on CiTR 101.9FM called u do you radio, airing…

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Titanium Tunnels

There is a seamless emptiness to life. Stop thinking for just a moment, and all you will hear, if you’re lucky, is the wind blowing…

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Various Artists

“Ten tracks from friends around the globe” notes ADSR, the new, Canadian, electronic label to describe its first official release, ADSR Vol. 1. — just…

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AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy

On a warm day, lying in the grass, with the sunlight filtering down and tinged green through tree branches overhead, I first listened to AJ…

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Vancouver ambient electronic artist Spencer Davis has moved away from his Nervous Operator pseudonym to record under a new name. Usd.’s genre is self‐described as industrial dub…


So Loki

You've Got Me Itchin' and Scratchin'

“Especially where we are in Canada, especially in Vancouver, there’s a lot of diversity so we’re definitely trying to push that boundary a bit. Make people feel weird.”

Under Review

You’re Me

The beauty and serenity of Salt Spring Island appears to have been deconstructed on Yu Su and Scott Johnson Gailey’s debut collaboration. Calling themselves You’re…