“Dialogue of You”

You: “Hey, did you notice something change today?” You Know: “No, I don’t think so. Why? You: “I can’t find anyone who noticed the change….


As Easy as A-B Side

Listen to Your Elders While track selection has long been wound up in the red AUX cable of history, the mixtape, a curated and focused…


Fight Back In A Battle Jacket

Welcome back to the school year all you wonderful punks and weirdos! With October coming it’s time to bust out the jackets after summer, and what better way to…


TJ Felix

Cora: Can you tell me your name and pronouns?  TJ (They/them): My name is TJ Felix, I don’t really have pronouns, but for the sake…



The zoom call starts, and as is usual for technology, there’s a hiccup. The sound isn’t working for some reason. Across the digital mirror there…


Flower Bomb

The light outside is just beginning to fade on East Van, just in time for the end of a photo shoot. Sitting in a circle,…