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Much is needed to stand out in the world of food writing. Along with security, love, and oxygen, food is one of the essential needs…

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Kathy Page

Dear Evelyn paints a portrait of how love can endure and be tested, told in a way that is tender and sometimes difficult to bear

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Maureen Medved

“Del Hanks is arrogant, entitled and self-involved. Worst of all, she’s an untrustworthy narrator.”

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Jen Currin

“In this debut collection of fiction penned by Vancouver author Jen Currin, the reader is taken through a rapid-fire series of lives coming together and unraveling, relationships budding and breaking, self awareness developing, and the hard realities met along the way.”

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Ira B. Nadel

Yes, I accidentally assigned a review for a book from 1996.

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Carleigh Baker

Bad Endings is a short-story collection close to home. From SkyTrain stations to hospital waiting rooms, Vancouver-based Carleigh Baker employs the familiar locales of the…

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Kai Cheng Thom

a place called No Homeland by Kai Cheng Thom is a powerfully written anthology of poems depicting her interconnected mental and physical experiences as a…