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Review By Mark PaulHus

The listener will know exactly what to expect from Pineapple’s debut release just by looking at the artwork. The album cover depicts four indie-nerds and a roaring grizzly bear superimposed against a glowing intergalactic night sky (an obvious choice of graphics for a band named after a popular tropical fruit). Featuring songs with titles like “Snoodle” and “Wahow”, the mishmash of quirky indie-pop contained on the album proves to be just as odd as the cover art.

The project is the brainchild of Cameron Dilworth, formerly of Niens Circa, who brought together some of his friends from Prairie Cat, SSRIs and the Joint Chiefs (along with the recording talents of Caleb Stull of Parlor Steps) to help contain and translate some of the songs that have been bouncing around his head. The resulting eleven tracks center around Dilworth’s strange, whimsical lyrics and his unique Fred Penner meets Lou Reed vocals. For the most part, the poppy tunes are catchy and fun. They are lighthearted and endearingly childish both lyrically and in instrumentation. This, however, proves to be a blessing and a curse, as some songs are clever and well delivered while others end up sounding just plain silly and interrupt the flow of an otherwise good album. On a whole though, it is nice to hear some music by talented musicians who don’t take things too seriously!