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Promotions Of The Lesser Known

Nayden L.A. Palosaari

Primarily this is to promote a local, Vancouver, Cree Nation singer / songwriter / actor / writer; Nayden. I’ve been performing throughout the Lower Mainland and Alberta since 2002 and have noticed that it has been difficult to get any solid footing in the local, Vancouver music scene playing music that challenges the audience to think for themselves, via the lyrical content. I do not write fluffy music about ex-girlfriends or boyfriends or going to parties or shooting someone to get street cred. My lyrical content speaks out against the atrocities of the homosapien and the systematic enslavement of the mass by the civilized, lawlessness of the few.

Throughout these years I’ve watched and listened to music become formulaic, drab and repetitive while promoting ongoing discourse, resentments and self interest with the belief that drugs, alcohol, sex and violence is all that sells records / albums. I’ve found it amusing that my music and the videos associated to my music have been considered explicit, yet, they are well crafted and written in story format, rather than the non-nonsensical dribble that has been promoted lately. There is something seriously wrong with the way the world of homosapiens functions, yet, any music or art that sheds any light on this, tends not to get the time of day.

Ultimately, in these dark days, I hope that artists such as myself, who are willing to explore the more unsettling themes of the world will be given the opportunity to share and express these difficult topics, including, racism, sexism, narcissism, euthanasia, modern economic slavery, religious prejudices, etc. That said, please enjoy listening to my music via,, and, entitled: the mechanical god PROJECT. Below are links to my music videos. Enjoy.


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