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Royal Mountain Records ; 08/09/2017

Indigo Smart

Alvvays released their second album, Antisocialites, to thunderous acclaim. The Toronto-based indie pop group who first created a name for themselves in 2014 with their debut, self-titled album and its stand out hit “Archie, Marry Me,” has retained the dreamy pop haze of their breakout work and re-molded it into a fresh collection of unique yet cohesive tracks.

Vocalist Molly Rankin delivers Alvvays’ sirenic lyrics with gossamer strength. Rankin’s distracted yet engaged lyricism is a constant in a rare album of individually noteworthy songs. Antisocialites is a true example of musical cooperation, with vocals used less as a front and more as a tool for the communication of style and atmosphere of introspection.

The album eases itself into a melodic opening and gains force and pace through its first half before tumbling gracefully back towards homeostasis. At the core of the album is the upbeat ‘Your Type’ which works at double speed to cement the backbone of the album and grant Alvvays official pop status. Antisocialites reclaims momentum in its penultimate track ‘Saved by a Waif,’ setting itself up beautifully for a memorable finale in ‘Forget About Life.’

With Antisocialites, Alvvays has tapped into a rare vein of musical appeal. With hazy, atmospheric charm that should by all logic be saved for dinner parties and quiet nights in, it instead forces itself into the foreground. Alvvays has crafted an album which offers both first time easy listening appeal and the ability to be absorbed more deeply with each repeat, making itself definitively worthy of your attention.