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ovaltine pal

Hello yes, I’d like a word with you! I am so curious about yr group and yr style 🙂 Yr music is fine. I heard about u guys because u have been on the charts for 8 weeks now. You were the top played artist at CiTR for an entire week in sept. But I have like, no idea what yr about and I have so many q’s to ask you mostly about yr group’s name.

how did u come up w this name? was the band name “WITE BOIS” taken? I’m just like so curious about why you identify with all Japanese girls. Or is it that you like all Japanese girls?

ok u listened to mass of the fermenting dregs (sick band name) and u thought they were rly good. OK and they were female identified artists, right, and they’re Japanese, cool. but like, I still am confuse.

I think it’s so funny that u wanted yr bandname to be spelled Japanese girls, but u couldn’t because “vowels are the difference between googling our band and getting call girls and pornhouse sites, and not.” Do u think that taking the vowels out of a fetish makes it go away? Lol- u have reduced the bad band name that reduces that cool band.

have you guys heard of the slits or perfect pussy? even though some ppl might find them offensive, I think that these r all really good band names! and u know why///? maybe it’s because they’re reclaiming the parts of themselves that certain ppl ( dunno who) can’t see past. Another cool band u may like- half chinese.


ovaltine pal

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