Booty EP Debuts Video for “Snacks”

We’re excited today to debut this stunning and unsettling music video from Vancouver duo Booty EP! The band is a new project featuring Alli Deleo on keys and vocals, and Francis Hooper on synth, vocals and guitar.

“Snacks” is Booty EP’s first release, and Alli tells us that the track is “about constantly comparing yourself to others. Stop looking over other people’s fences! Stay in your own yard, I bet it’s quite nice.”

The video was directed and edited by Michal Korzewski, a Polish filmmaker the band serendipitously encountered on Hornby Island in the summer, and features beautiful visuals, a 7-foot praying mantis, and at least one attempt to engineer true love by way of artificial intelligence.

Need more Snacks?

Booty EP will launch their debut EP,  What what and the who now? on May 4 at the Fox Cabaret, along with friends Devours and Aaron Charles Read.

Check it out if you want to experience not only more of their beat-driven dreamscape sounds, but also the curated projection visuals they’ve synced up to accompany them. It promises to be a unique and immersive show!

Booty EP Snacks Single Art Facebook Banner
Booty EP Snacks Single | art by Lester Lyons-Hookham