Frogpile Debut “Outrageous Contagious” Video

Following up on their last physical release, 2016’s Jackie EP, North Van rockers Frogpile aim to disorient with a new video for “Outrageous Contagious.”

Directed by Pasang Galay (who plays bass and sings in Jericho; Frogpile drummer Luke Tancredi also plays guitar in Jericho) and Maxim Adshead, the video’s hyperkinetic cuts document an epic rager in Frogpile’s former abode/jam space.

It opens with hints of a linear storyline, centred on a man-frog hybrid played by local clown / performance artist Ethan “Frogman” Marr, but it soon gives way to a plotless stream of alarming yet somehow life-affirming chaos. Footage of revellers cheerfully ramming various objects into the house’s graffiti-covered walls are interspersed with concert scenes shot at the same location; the whole spectacle taken together is vaguely reminiscent of Mudhoney’s official video for “Touch Me I’m Sick.”

Frogpile’s “Outrageous Contagious” clip is the product of gleeful, youthful nihilism meeting a red-hot property market: lest one be appalled by the wanton property destruction on display, keep in mind that the house was going to get knocked down anyway.

The “Outrageous Contagious” video is also an idealized record of Frogpile’s live experience. “A big part of our band is our live shows … We like to have a good time, we like our audience to have a good time, and I think subconsciously our video is a reflection of that,” Frogpile guitarist Brian Tancredi adds.

Want to experience Frogpile live for yourself? Watch them tear up 333 at their launch party for the “Outrageous Contagious” video March 18  with The Prettys, Highland Eyeway and Greenteeth, or follow them on social media for more upcoming shows.