Under Review

Whitney K


Maple Death Records; 22/04/2016

With just seven songs, Whitney K makes us feel like we’ve lived a full day, but without the “same shit, different day” attitude. Goodnight, Konner Whitney’s third album as Whitney K, is uplifting and sad, and other times romantic. The album recognizes the uncertainties of life in a manner that is comforting and undoubtedly pleasing to the ear. I’m tempted to say it’s an album for everyone.

Genre wise, Goodnight falls in the bluesy, outsider folk realm. There’s an element of organized chaos to the album, achieved through disjointed sounds; low vocals paralleled with sharp instrumentals. The lack of smooth cohesion is reminiscent of old‐timey country blues, clad with the proverbial twang. With deep and at times eerie leading vocals, I can’t help but be reminded of Timber Timbre. A resounding voice is not easily forgotten — and that’s a good thing.

The opening track “Swans” is a multi‐faceted composition. For imaginative ears, it may feel like a bird taking flight. One could start the day easily with this hopeful tune, accompanied by an array of string instruments and folky background vocals. The music is extremely relatable, bringing listeners on a human path. Lines like “But the last welfare cheque won’t come in time for the rent / That’s alright, my sugar pie” resonate.

The title track, “Goodnight,” ends things with a wonderful completeness; the end of long, satisfying day. I could imagine swaying to this song as the sun sets (or begins to rise — depending what a good night means to you).