Under Review

Eric Chenaux

“Slowly Paradise’s sound reflects its lyrics’ lack of easy answers, featuring an idiosyncratic style of space-age folk with songs that, like the moon, are at once picturesque, lofty, imposing and perhaps slightly ominous, yet are also made bewitching through their apparent contradictions.”

Under Review

Leathan Milne

In March, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, Leathan Milne, released his second album, There is the Ground Beneath Us. Lush, moody harmonies and folk fundamentals create a sound…

Under Review

Rowan Coupland

An album is so often reduced down to its individual components, singled out for whatever is deemed its strong suit while everything else is given…


Kevin ‘Sipreano’ Howes

“I don’t think that everything from the past is worthy of reappraisal. In fact, I think a lot of things are best left to the past.”

Under Review

Whitney K

With just seven songs, Whitney K makes us feel like we’ve lived a full day, but without the “same shit, different day” attitude. Goodnight, Konner Whitney’s…

Real Live Action

Cate Le Bon

Arriving at the Biltmore into an already-crowded room, the sound of simultaneous conversations washed over me. It was clear that Cate Le Bon, Welsh singer-songwriter…



“You bring an idea and they’re like ‘Hell yeah man, I bet that could fit right here.’ It’s awesome. I’ve never had anything turned down, and sometimes the ideas are pretty wacky.”

Under Review

Teen Daze

Abbotsford’s Teen Daze has brought us yet another mystical concoction with their latest release Morning World. An album that will soothe your soul and awaken…


Vancouver Folk Music Festival!

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is back again for it’s 36th year this July 19-21 at Jericho Beach Park. The three day festival will be…