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No Gold

New Recipe


Review by Robert Catherall

No Gold - New Recipe

Even though it would be easy to classify No Gold’s latest EP, New Recipe, as simplified house music with lo-fi sampling for after-hours enthusiasts, equal parts German techno and Brooklyn noise, there is more to it than that. The EP’s seventeen primitive minutes blends these elements to create what could easily be mistaken for 8-bit micro-house, whose samples have been taken from early Super Nintendo games. Uncomplicated and engaging, the New Recipe gets by on a spartan selection of noises and stripped down beats that rarely evolve.

The Vancouver trio’s second effort plays with raw analog noises that are liable to send any paleontologists’ imagination into a Pavlovian slobber. And since scientists haven’t yet discovered how to reproduce the sounds dinosaurs once made, New Recipe‘s instrumental repertoire is the next best thing, as the EP’s abrasive samples render visions of a dusty canyon where dinosaurs square off in the battle for paleolithic prowess.

Reminiscent of Black Dice‘s Broken Ear Record, No Gold have gone in a completely different direction from the tropicali of last year’s self-titled release. The trio has abandoned their sense of rock ‘n’ roll and done away with vocals entirely, replacing them with snappy hi-hats, roaring delay pedals and subtle bass beats. The basic sounds No Gold work with and the way each fits with the splashes of abstract noise makes for a very strange, very good, late night dance party.