Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

Whether you are five or 35, June, July and August are three months when we, especially in this part of the world with distinct seasons, are compelled to do one thing, and do it a lot.

Get out of town.

As a kid, my parents ran a seasonal eco-tourism company that peaked in the summer, so we didn’t leave home much between June and September. Even though visitors flocked in from Europe, Asia, and all over Canada and the United States, venturing outside of our North Island hovel was a highlight growing up. We usually took off for a week to go camping, and often ended up in Tofino, a metropolis compared to our boardwalk village. It wasn’t exotic, but it was different.

The park in downtown Tofino had a mini zip line. We had an eclectic smattering of family friends named after crustaceans who kayaked often, and lived in houses resembling tree forts. My brother and I went boogie boarding (surfing for pansies) everyday. My head got plowed into the sand as often as I caught a wave to shore. These were all exciting things because they were condensed into that one week, in that one place, once per year.

While Discorder’s palette is varied within our community, it made sense to venture outside our geographic boundaries in this issue. Promoting our local music scene and the artists that make it are what we do most and best. But with festival season in full swing and a plethora of contributors eager to share their adventures from Washington, Texas, and Calgary, it’s the perfect time to push this little mag out of its comfort zone for a few months: a summer vacation for the publication.

Our first stop takes us south of the border to Sasquatch Music Festival to explore the inner workings of its culture through the eyes of a festival veteran. Next, CiTR’s Stereoscopic Redoubt host Darren Gawle takes us to Austin, Texas for a dusty, sun-dried foray into the three-day Psych Fest. Finally, we venture back into Canada for Calgary’s Sled Island Festival, where three of us Discordians dove into non-stop music mania hosted at pool parties, house parties, theatres, and bars, for four days, uniting under the banner of promoting good tunes.

As much fun as it is to jump ship for a while, I admit there is no place like home. And fear not, that’s still where Discorder’s heart is. Part two of our Summer Festival Preview gives you a couple great reasons to stay put. In August, Vancouver also celebrates Pride Week, the second largest in Canada, with a slew of events that promote and support our vibrant and creative LGBTQ community.

In our local band scene, cover group Hot Panda chatted with us about hot sauce and hot animal sex. And if you are looking for something otherworldly while sitting right here, check out our feature on eight-piece instrumental powerhouse, V. Vecker Ensemble.

So now that I’ve completely confused you about staying or going—you’ve got plenty of reasons to do both—I assure you this: wherever your adventures take you this summer, you’ve got a soundtrack for them. And a darn good one at that.

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman