Parasocial Butterfly

✨, and ?, and ?, and ??‍♂️?, and ?

We tend to look at the digital as something that we’ve still managed to keep separate from us — like there’s a distinct line between…

As Easy as A-B Side


Listen to Your Elders While track selection has long been wound up in the red AUX cable of history, the mixtape, a curated and focused…

Real Monsters

Kim Fu on speculative fiction, emotional truth, and finding humour in darkness

Kim Fu is a Seattle-based writer whose short story collection Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century, was a finalist for the 2022 Scotiabank Giller…

TJ Felix

Stories from SONGLAND

Cora: Can you tell me your name and pronouns?  TJ (They/them): My name is TJ Felix, I don’t really have pronouns, but for the sake…

New Infinity

Life and illness in all the shades of wonder and horror

In your life you’ve felt many sizes. When you were young, you looked at the adults around you, at the older kids you envied, and…

Elevator Music

Going down, first floor, going up, fourth floor

Going down, first floor, going up, fourth floor. Going down, first floor, going up, fourth floor. The lifeless voice of a female computer echoes in…


Definitely not a Christian band

Gadfly has three members, Nigel who is the drummer, Peter who plays bass, and Homa, the lead singer,guitarist and songwriter. Gadfly has an extremely unique…

Empanadas Ilegales

An empanada on top of a conga

“We start super quiet. And all the effects and instruments begin to emulate the sounds of the jungle. And it would build up. And when…

Games in Action

Interactivity / Activation \ Activism

A few years ago, in a sociology course Id taken on a whim (much to my regret), I wrote a feminist theory essay on the…

Real Live Action

Real Live Action: UBC Drag

w/ Continental Breakfast, Margaux Rita, Jo Duree, Carrie Oki Doki, Karlie Hart, Blueejoy, Albion Top, and Noah Bodycares