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We’re always looking for writers, illustrators and photographers, no previous experience needed. We publish 10 issues per year with a distribution of 8000 copies across the Lower Mainland. Discorder Magazine mirrors the mandate of CiTR in amplifying independent and underrepresented voices, and providing invaluable publishing experience. Though initially founded as a music-focused magazine, Discorder now covers visual art, creative writing, filmmaking, community organizing, and more. If this interests you, come join our team!


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Because Discorder is a free publication and entirely self-funded, all our contributors are volunteers. However, we seek to provide an authentic, invaluable and nurturing learning environment, so that contributors may gain experience to confidently carry forward into future paid gigs. We welcome all skill levels and interests, no experience required.

To get on our contributor email lists, you need to register with DJLand, CiTR/Discorder‘s membership platform. Joining DJLand is simple to do. There is a fee to join CiTR/Discorder as a member, but if you are a Discorder contributor and unable to pay the membership fee, it can be waved. Email the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@citr.ca for more information about membership perks.

When you join DJLand, make sure you select “Writing for Discorder” and/or “Art for Discorder” and/or “Photography for CiTR 101.9FM & Discorder” as your Interests, and you will start getting our monthly emails.

If you want to get started writing for Discorder, reviews and web exclusives are great places to start. You can review albums/podcasts/books/film for Under Review, or live music/comedy/theatre for Real Live ActionWeb Exclusives are short features, interviews and debuts published directly to the website. After getting a feel for our editing flow, writers can pitch Features & Columns for the print magazine. See below for more information on the sections. If you want to see Discorder’s Writing Style Guide, click here.

Discorder‘s Art Department is always on the lookout for emerging visual artists. We need Photography and Illustration for almost every article in print and online, and a separate list of photographers interested in covering live shows for Real Live Action. We feature a rotating roster of new talent, as well as regular contributors. To have your artwork considered, see the entry below or email artcoordinator@citr.ca with questions.

If you want to get involved with Discorder, but still aren’t sure where to begin, email the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@citr.ca.

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? Features & Columns ?

When you pick up an issue of Discorder, features and columns are what you want to sink your teeth into! They may be interviews with artists, profiles of organizations, extended reviews, or creative writing submissions. It is through our features and columns that Discorder meets its mandate to represent underrepresented voices and perspectives.

To learn more about how to write for a Feature or Column, check out the Discorder Format Guide

If you have a story in mind, the Editor is always accepting pitches for future issues and can be contacted directly at editor.discorder@citr.ca. Remember, Discorder plans issues one full month in advance, so make sure your pitch is timely!

If you want to begin receiving emails related to Features & Columns, sign up for DJLand, CiTR’s membership platform. Email the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@citr.ca to learn how to join.

If you would like to send Discorder a press release for consideration, you can email the Editor-In-Chief at editor.discorder@citr.ca. Please note, Discorder will only cover content that is local and Canadian.

? Under Review ?

Under Review coordinates reviews of local albums of any genre, independent films, books by small publishers and relevant podcasts. Reviews are published online throughout the month, and a condensed list of reviews are printed in Discorder Magazine. We prefer to publish reviews from artists that work or live in B.C., but will make exceptions for Indigenous artists and artists from other underrepresented communities. If you would like to be added to our contributor email list, you need to join DJLand, CiTR’s membership platform. Email the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@citr.ca to learn more, or you can also email questions directly to the Associate Editor at ur.discorder@citr.ca.

Under Review reviews can be read here.

If you would like to see your album/film/book/podcast reviewed in Discorder, send it to the address below before the release date, or email a digital copy to ur.discorder@citr.ca.

Discorder Magazine c/o CiTR 101.9FM
LL500 – 6133 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

To learn more about the length of reviews and formatting guidelines, visit the Discorder Writing Style Guide.

? Real Live Action ?

Real Live Action coordinates reviews of local live music concerts, emerging comedy and independent theatre. RLA is always in need of writers and photographers! If you would like to be added to our contributor email list for either writing or photography, you need to join DJLand, CiTR’s membership platform. Email the Volunteer Manager at volunteer@citr.ca to learn more, or you can also email questions directly to the RLA Editor at rla.discorder@citr.ca.

Real Live Action reviews can be read here.

If you are organizing a show you want reviewed, email details to rla.discorder@citr.ca 4-6 weeks in advance.

To learn more about the length of reviews and formatting guidelines, visit the Discorder Writing Style Guide.

? Web Exclusives ?

Web Exclusives are articles/interviews/debuts that are published directly to citr.ca throughout the month. Approximately 2-4 web exclusives are posted per month, and they can been seen here.

A great topic for a web exclusive is anything that is timely and current, and relevant to Discorder readers between print issues. Or content that has a media component, like an audio clip or an album stream. If you would like to pitch something to be a web exclusive, email the Associate Editor at UR.Discorder@Citr.ca

? Photography and Illustration ?

Almost every Discorder article features photography and illustrations, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new local talent!

We need editorial and portrait photographers for features, columns and web exclusives, and live event photographers for Real Live Action. No previous experience necessary! No camera? No problem, CiTR/Discorder members can rent one.

As for illustrations, we accept all styles of drawing, collaging and mark-making. Check out some old issues of Discorder to see the types of illustrations that we’ve printed.

If you would like to contribute visual art to the magazine and join the assignment list, email your portfolio to the Art Director at artcoordinator@citr.ca.

Take a look at an example of our Creative Brief to get a better idea of what we’ll need from you!

? Hot Head ?

Hot Head is Discorder’s rant/rave section, and it is constantly accepting submissions. Previous Hot Heads can be read here.

If you have something to say, email your comments to editor.discorder@citr.ca, indicating “Hot Head” in the Subject line, or send a letter to the address below. By submitting a Hot Head, you are consenting to having your words in print and online, though the Editor reserves the right to refuse publishing any content deemed hateful. Please indicate whether or not you wish to remain anonymous at the time of submission.

? Discothrash ?

Consider Discothrash Discorder’s revitalization of the No Fun Fiction column. We accept submissions of fiction, prose, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, comics, and diverse creative writing. Submissions are free and open to everyone regardless of writing experience. We want the writing that challenged you, that felt risky, surprising, and a little strange. But we also want your tenderest, and gentlest. Whatever you’re working on now that’s hiding somewhere in your drive, we want to read it.


  • 1 piece will be published per Discorder issue
  • Discothrash can offer a humble $30.00 CAD per published piece.
  • We support diversity in both the form and content of writing, but we do not accept work that is derogatory, homophobic, sexist, racist, or otherwise seeks to dehumanize any person.
  • We gladly accept simultaneous submissions. If another magazine accepts your work for publication, please let us know.
  • Send 1-3 pages of your grittiest and/or gentlest via this Form