Unceded Airwaves Premieres on CiTR


The first episode of Unceded Airwaves has aired on CiTR!

Unceded Airwaves is produced by CiTR’s amazing Indigenous Collective. it airs every Monday from 11-12.

If you missed their first episode on Indigenous veterans you can check out the podcast on their webpage.

Each episode has its own theme, as well as a consistent news update and information about upcoming events. They also feature new and exciting Indigenous bands.

The team is comprised of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who are passionate about radio, alternative media and Indigenous topics and issues. They are committed to centering the voices of Native people and offering alternative narratives that empower Native people and their stories. They recognize that media has often been used as a tool to subordinate or appropriate native voices and we are committed to not replicating these dynamics.

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Make sure to tune in Mondays from 11-12!