Nardwuar and his Fundrive treats


Want to know something? Good for you!

Nardwuar offers the following as a thank you for your $50 donation to CiTR this year:


1. Nardwuar DVD, Tough Age LP, and the books “Old Man & the Sea” + “Adventures in Solitude”

2. Nardwuar DVD, The New Pornographers LP, and the books “The Lonely End of the Rink” + “Adventures in Solitude”

3. Nardwuar DVD, Jay Arner LP, Thor CD, and a Firstar Montreal ‘History of Hockey’ hat

4. Nardwuar DVD, Sugarglider LP, Thor CD, and a Firstar Vancouver ‘History of Hockey’ hat

5. Two Nardwuar DVD’s, a 7″ Thor record, and a Firstar Toronto ‘History of Hockey’ hat

Call 604 822 8648 right now!

Thanks to Nardwuar Records, Thor and Firstar for the ‘History of Hockey’ hats, and Harbour Publishing for the books!