Shindig Night 4: Dream Baby, Old Notes, Scrambled Debutante


Dream Baby

Dream Baby is a local Vancouver group made up of three members, Tracey, Kaity, and Enzio. They released a self-titled live 4 track album this past July. Dream baby is an eclectic group consisting of hard drum beats and spoken word.

Check them out here:



Scrambled Debutante

“Like a traditional Sunday breakfast they have two main ingredients: hard-rock and grunge” — Wilde Thing




If  you like noise, grunge, and hard edge, Scrambled Debutante is the band for you! They are a punk/noise/garage band based out of Vancouver. The group is made up of 4 members, Xu on vocals and guitar, Jamie on drums and Jesse on bass and backup vocals.

Check them out here:


Old Notes



See these 3 bands on October 8th at the Railway Club.

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