Fluxist capacitors and a Noisy Sampler: 7pm – 10pm


7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

gak presents: In honour of the the one million and fiftieth birthday of Art, gak will offer up some noises from Fluxists who helped with the declaration of January 17th as the day, including a piece by the father of this day, Robert Filliou. There will be some vintage electronic pieces, recent drone works and noise pastiches.

gak is the host of Exploding Head Movies on CITR Monday evenings and has been with the station since 2008, hosting music that’s loosely pegged as cinematic, atmospheric and otherwise esoteric. gak spent most of his formative years in Northwestern Ontario and Eastern Finland, where cold winter air bent far-off radio signals into strange sounds that blanketed the night ear. Combining his musical training, misguided wanderlust and a seemingly unrelenting curiousity for new sounds, gak likes a mix of sounds that please, punish and tease the mind.

9 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Patrik Sampler presents: Untitled

A collection commissioned 24 Hours of Radio Art 2013 including excerpts and/or treatments of the following tracks / by artists in the following order:

1) Sagi-Musume / Mochizuki Bokusei
2) if a nuclear weapon explodes in the forest / splattertron
3) Suckle Cuckle / dupobs
4) Kanjicho / Mochizuki Bokusei
5) E+E / splattertron
6) love with a deflector screen (want to shake it) / splattertron