The epic, legendary, otherworldly, CITR Fundrive Silent Auction.


Get those billfolds ready!
We are two days out from Tune Into the Future at the Biltmore Cabaret, and we still have items coming in.
As of now, we are at 50+ items from these incredible businesses:

Adelphia Group
Anvil Press
Arts Club Theatre
Audiopile Records
Australian Boot Company
The Biltmore
The Bike Kitchen
Black Dog Video
Buy-Low Foods
The Cobalt
Devil May Wear
Dream Apparel
Drip Audio
Ethical Bean
Exhale Dance Studio
The Fall Tattooing
Fortune Sound Club
Harper Collins
Herschel Bag Co.
JCL Productions
John Fleuvog
Lotusland Tattoo
Lucky’s Comics
Neptoon Records
Pacific Cinematheque
R&B Brewery
Red Cat Records
Restricted Entertainment
The Rio
Sanitary Electric Tattoo Co
Steamwhistle Brewery
St. John’s Ambulance
Thirty Two
Union Events
Vinyl Records
Zulu Records