CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation – free download!


For Fundrive, three of our programmers created a compilation for donors, and now we are offering it to YOU! These local bands have graciously offered us their music. Sample the fine musical tastes of Duncan McHugh (Duncan’s Donuts), Becky Sandler (This Side of Monday) and Chris Alscher (Parts Unknown).

Download your free CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation. To save space the album is “zipped” — double-click the downloaded file and select “extract” to move the music files to your computer!

1. O Sailor – Fanshaw
2. Palm Trees – Fine Mist
3. The Blue Grotto of Capri – No Kids with Rose Melberg
4. Lost in Bollywood – Boogie Monster
5. S.I.E.M.P.R.E. – Basketball with Andy Dixon
6. Talk With Me Baby – Makeout Videotape
7. Sunglasses – B-Lines
8. Palm Of My Hand – Apollo Ghosts
9. Seeds – Kidnap Kids!
10. Britney Wolf – Tyranahorse with Magpie Ulysses
11. Two Steps – Bible Belts
12. All Roads (Remix) – Role Mach