Real Live Action


I arrived at the Red Gate just before ten to catch the opening acts for the night’s show. I walked into the darkened room where…

Real Live Action

Music Waste Fest Part 2

The first full night of Music Waste awaited me, with an overwhelming lineup and overlapping schedule scattered across venues all over the city. I braced…

Real Live Action

Vancouver Noise Fest VI

On May 7, I was to have my first experience with “unlistenable” sounds in a musical context, and for 7 hours, no less. While I…


Verboden Festival

April is a lucky month for Vancouver; it will contain the first annual instalment of Verboden, a two day post punk, EBM, and dark wave…

Real Live Action


Like many fledgling Discorder reviewers before me, I eagerly stepped through the Red Gate doors for Milk’s cassette release party at exactly the moment the…


Weird Candle

Kilroy Katerwol and Caleb Blag — the duo that make up Weird Candle — are creatures of the night, and it is in the early…



“It sucks that all those amazing independent venues in people’s basements are just gone now. It feels like Toronto with all those new venues moving in.”