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The Imposter

Thirty minutes into Episode 34 of The Imposter, guest Sholem Krishtalka drops a nugget of truth which perfectly describes the entire podcast: “Criticism, for me,…

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Feelin Weird

Feelin Weird is a podcast created by Kye Plant, a musician based in Victoria, B.C.. Produced out of Plant’s bedroom, each episode discusses taboo subjects,…

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The dramatic irony of the United State’s Commander in Chief being a climate change denier is that his estate is in Mar Al Lago, Florida;…

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Retail Nightmares

If you’ve ever worked a regrettable job that left you feeling deflated, frustrated, or lacking in empathy for the human condition than Retail Nightmares is…

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Pop This!

“Press play and come hang out with your two new best friends.” So reads the online description for Pop This!, and it’s a statement which…

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Someone Knows Something

Someone Knows Something is CBC’s first attempt at a Canadian version of NPR’s Serial. The first season was released in March of last year, and…


Can’t Lit

A Backdoor To Canadian Literature

“Everyone wants to see the same version of Canadian literature that’s so clean, I want to see messier things.”

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Missing And Murdered

What is the best way to discuss murder? Journalistic investigations often border on the fetishistic. True-crime TV shows (ie. Cold Case Files) and podcasts (ie….


Story Story Lie

As the host of Story Story Lie, Jo Dworschak has created an interactive storytelling game show and radio show that reflects her love of storytelling…



It’s not often I get to conduct an interview for Discorder Magazine. As the editor-in-chief my role is more peripheral, which is why the opportunity…