Under Review

AJ Cornell & Tim Darcy

On a warm day, lying in the grass, with the sunlight filtering down and tinged green through tree branches overhead, I first listened to AJ…

Real Live Action

Vancouver Noise Fest VI

On May 7, I was to have my first experience with “unlistenable” sounds in a musical context, and for 7 hours, no less. While I…

Under Review

Ace Martens

In 2014, Ace Martens released their first EP, Silent Days. Eleanor Wearing, writing for Weird Canada described it as a “Lunar Daydream.” Fast-forward 2 years…


Mass Marriage

Wed Your Truth

“I’ve always been drawn to the tragic female figure in literature, film; the hysteric woman.”

Under Review

Dri Hiev

You know the disorientation of having earphones in after accidentally leaving your music player on full volume? For a split second you can actually feel…

Real Live Action

John Wiese

I was at The Getty last August. The afternoon hovered around 30°C: desultory conditions for tourists like myself. So, walking around the museum’s grounds, I…