Bepi Crespan Presents… Noise Special Featuring Vancouver’s Rusalka


Noise is very much ‘in the moment’. I find it’s not a marketable commodity. Of course, it’s not immune to that, like anything else, but it can be very raw and genuine. It’s not about ego. For me, it’s about the opposite of that – the destruction of ego. It allows us to transcend cultural barriers and it taps into a primitive form of communication that has largely been deprogrammed out of us by the oppression of modern society. Much of life is about deprogramming yourself – or has been for me. And noise is life. It can be violent. It can be difficult. But you have to push through with creative destruction.”   – Kate Rissiek (Rusalka), May 2020

Join us this Friday night for our interview and special feature on Vancouver noise artist and 24 Hours of Radio Art contributor – Rusalka.

Starting at 10 PM Pacific on CITR FM 101.9, streaming at PLAYER.CITR.CA

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