Summer Park Guide

“We decided to ask some local musicians about the parks closest to their hearts — the results are a hazy collection of industrial backwash, natural serenity, fuzzy feelings, and slow afternoons.”


The Politics Of Moshing

“… for the love of god, don’t wear steel-toed boots into the pit if you’re going to do a spin kick.”


Paul Leahy

The best song to dance to in Junior High was Sweet’s “Fox On the Run.” Ricky van Rikxoort and I were the two shortest kids…


Exclusive: Hot Art Wet City

Returning to the upcoming Eat Yo Self show, I am able to discuss with Bentzen briefly about the myriad instances of the anthropomorphic cannibal cultural phenomenon,…


Hot Art Wet City

“I’m able to show the art, expose it, but the artists have to push themselves.”


Other Jesus

“…the band has built both the skills and the confidence to write, record, and perform a growing catalogue of loud, catchy, and often satirical post-punk songs.”