Gil Goletski

If you take life too seriously, you’ll only develop ulcers, skin conditions, and a boring by-the-books existence which ultimately leaves one wanting more. At the…


Sunny Nestler

“I started when everyone else did, like age two or three… but around the time when the school system squeezes [the art] out of you, I enrolled in drawing classes at the senior centre in my neighbourhood.”


Art Project: John Pachkowsky

“I have an awful habit of quickly drawing ideas on loose paper and letting them drift all over my desk, so I began by collecting that unruly mass, flipping back through my other sketchbooks and finding the best ideas I thought would be fun to draw and hadn’t gotten a chance to realise yet.”


Chelsea O’Byrne

Editor’s Note: The October Art Feature accompanying the calendar in print was drawn by Chelsea O’Byrne. More of Chelsea’s work at chelseaobyrne.com.