Real Live Action

Hell Night with Gorbman & Aaron

If you’ve spent any amount of time around Vancouver’s comedy circuit, you’ll know Aaron Read can be counted on for queasy laughs. Take Hell Night,…

Real Live Action

Pop Alliance Appreciation Party

The Pop Alliance Appreciation Party wasn’t the first Friday night I found myself at Red Gate — but it was certainly among the most memorable….

Under Review

Adrian Teacher and the Subs

“Teacher’s subtle lyrical touches and gentle nods to pop masters make the album a charming listen through and through.”

Real Live Action

The Sunday Service

By 8:30pm on February 12, the Fox was completely at-capacity. The Sunday Service, the long-running weekly improv show, didn’t start until nine, but the dimly…


Mint Records’ Ridiculously Early Xmas Party!

Mint Records, Discorder Magazine and CiTR Radio 101.9FM are proud to present the annual and always early Mint Records holiday party this Saturday, November 26th at Astoria Hastings! This year,…


Wider Smile

“And if you complain about the weather then you are just confused about what you’re even complaining about.”


Vancouver's Waste-Makers

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-April, I arrived at the Strathcona store-front apartment of Mark Richardson, one of the main Music Waste festival organizers,…


In Good Humour: Aaron Read

If you were to call Aaron Read a weird guy, he’d probably take it as a compliment. As a member of The Sunday Service, arguably…