Vivaporú, The Ointment for the Soul Episode February 10, 2022

Vivaporú, The Ointment for The Soul, Episodio 35: Fundrive ~local~ Special!

3:59pm - 5:03pm

Another year, another Vivaporú Fundrive Special! And this year the DJs bring you some of their favourite and most amazing local artists!!! Starting off with a wonderful track by Empanadas Ilegales + John Gonzalez and wrapping up the show with Kimmortal's sublime energy and voice, this episode is packed with an eclectic mix of awesome tunes, two v special vivaporú-exclusive greetings by Hoodie Browns and KeAloha, laughter and friendship, and of course, our signature cool llama fact! You don't want to miss out. and POR FAVOR, support our home! WE LOVE YOU CiTR - you are the only fish in OUR sea <3

Track Listing:

Estudio de Acordeón
Empanadas Ilegales, John Gonzalez · Papayón
I Almost Texted My Ex but I Didn't, and I Am Quite Proud
Hoodie Browns · Hey Guys
Turunesh · Turunesh
Mama's Hands
KeAloha · Mama's Hands
Rudy · Gutted
Can't Stop (A Playa)
Schwey · Schwey
Champion's Eye
RedClaw · A Day in the Life of a Boy Named RedClaw
Yes Mama
Missy D · Yes Mama
Kimmortal · X Marks the Swirl