The Reel Whirled Episode March 12, 2021

Obsessed with Varda + grapes

10:04am - 11:00am

Michael came up to Jin and asked to be on Reel Whirled. Jin said sure, would love to have ya on friendo. Michael suggested Varda as a theme, gave Jin some film suggestions, and all in all it was a wonderful time. On this week's episode of Reel Whirled, Michael and Jin gush about everything Varda was.

Track Listing:

Videoclub · Euphories
Sunset Rollercoaster · SOFT STORM
Sunset Rollercoaster · SOFT STORM
Lysandre · Maison-Dieu
All The Time
ROMES, Haiva Ru · All The Time
Superglue Your Shoes
Rain on Fridays · Mono Monday