The Reel Whirled Episode October 14, 2016

Grown kiddos: Movies for kiddy kiddos

11:02am - 11:57am

Like most 'adults', Dama and Dora are cute little kiddos are heart and we luhh kids movies!! Also we talked about Shia last week and wanted to talk a little more about Disney etc.

We actually have pretty different ideas of what kids movies are: Dama thinks they're wholesome and Dora thinks they're evil
Tune in to find out why? Also some cool tunes inspired by childs

Track Listing:

CHAINS OF LOVE · Misery Makers Vol. 1
If I Were King of the Forest
Harold Arkin · The Wizard of Oz: The Original Movie Soundtrack
Alone at the Pier (with Rose Melberg)
What Doth Life
Zoo Strategies · Languager
Everything is AWESOME ft. The Lonely Island
Teagan and Sara · The LEGO Movie
I Can't Beat You
Janette King · Electric Magnolia
True Colors
What It Is! · What It Is!