The Reel Whirled Episode September 23, 2016

Getting (Nettie) Wild!!!1! Part 1

11:01am - 12:00pm

Dama and Dora debut their brand spanking new hour long format with a super dopee interview with Dama's soul mate Nettie Wild, director of the upcoming film "KONEL?NE: our land beautiful", and Oscar Dennis, one of the documentary's subjects, about the film and just how beautiful they are in general.

Enjoi because it's suuper enjoiable:)

Track Listing:

Get Ready Get Steady
JB The First Lady · Get Ready Get Steady
Henqeminem Hip Hop
Vancouver Courier · Henqeminem Hip Hop
All for Nothing
Enter Tribal · Hitting the Trail
Don't Go
Enter Tribal · Hitting the Trail