The Reel Whirled Episode March 24, 2016

The Waves Are Alive With the Sound of Dama and Dora and Erik

11:00am - 11:29am

Dora and Dama are joined by the wickedly talented Erik Coates, President of CiTR Student Exec and host of A Face for Radio (Thursdays 10-11AM), to talk about musical film. We discuss how the genre has impacted film as a medium, its evolution, and our fav musicals because we enjoy frivolity.
Featuring "We're All in This Together" because High School Musical is always relevant, we have great time as the next Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds of radio.

(Alt titles: Speaking in the Rain; Meet Me in St.udio A; The Wizards of Odd Radio; Little Show of Humors; (Film) Reviewer Madness; University Level Musical)

Track Listing:

We're All In This Together
Matthew Gerrard · High School Musical