The Medicine Show Episode November 24, 2021

The Medicine Show - Theme -Collaboration

7:03pm - 8:59pm

The first episode of the new Segment "SOUND WAVES " highlighting artists from British Columbia.
Guest callers,
Jacqui Brown,
Hector Marrufo,
Jude Neale reads her poetry for the segment "Passages "
Mike Van Eyes

Track Listing:

Finger's Fingers
Don Alder · Not A Planet
Everything's OK
Ranj Singh · Simple Man
Morning Comes
Scrap Metal Sun · Doctor Scar and the Scrap Metal Sun
Cracks in the Seam
Crows in the Cavern · Live at Leon's Live
Slow Apocolypse
Sleepy Gonzales · Slow Apocolypse
Peace of Mind
Jacqui Brown · Peace of Mind
Lead Me
Jayli Wolf · Lead me
Ride is Real
Henri Brown (HB WILD) · Best Friend
Carry The Torch
Dirk Slow Solution · Reinventing the Wheel
Sam Lynch · Little Disappearance
Story (Amelia)
Hannah Epperson · Upsweep
RY X · Oceans
Mr Marley
Jacqui Brown · Peace of Mind
Take Me Away
Kellen Saip · Take Me Away
Nicto Kicko - Trois Jours
Laura Niquay · Waska Matisiwin